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Please contact American Rigging Supply, Inc. to order all of your Lifeline needs and when you do, ask for Johnson Marine turnbuckles, pelican hooks, gate eyes, toggle jaws, stanchion terminals, life line studs and much more.

All Johnson Marine products are made in the U.S.A. with the Johnson logo as your assurance of dependability.

Johnson Marine is the Industry’s #1 Supplier of life line fittings.

Johnson Marine is the choice of designers, builders, engineers and riggers for both aesthetics and integrity.

Johnson Marine manufacturers the METS DAME Award Winning “Over Center” Pelican Hook.

• All studs machined from T-316 stainless steel.

Johnson Marine Swage Lifeline Fittings are the ultimate in strength, durability and aesthetics, giving you complete peace of mind.


American Rigging Supply, Inc. offers only the finest when it comes to security.


Johnson Marine’s standard duty lifeline fittings match the strength of 7x7 coated or uncoated cable. 1x19 uncoated cable may also be used to meet the latest offshore rules. Either way, a lifeline system is like a big spring; the rails and stanchions will collapse well before the fittings or cable will fail. Be sure to specify JOHNSON, the world leader in innovation, design and quality for your next lifeline replacement.


Johnson Marine

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